Brownlow Medal Predictor ...Who will win the 2007 Brownlow?

So how does this predictor site work?
There are plenty of ways to try and pick the winner of the Brownlow. You can study each footy game of every AFL round and award your own "3, 2, 1" votes, then tally them up and see which player comes up out on top.

Or you can listen to the football"experts" rave on about who they think will win.

Another way is to take the the top group of favourites for the Brownlow and put them head to head against one another. So that's what we've done here.

Now this isn't exactly scientific, so don't go putting your house on the results.*
But we reckon that our unique way of picking the 2007 Brownlow Medal Winner could be just about as good as any other method there is.

Come the Monday night before the grand final, and we'll find out whether or not this site was of any use at all in predicting the winner!

*This predictor is for entertainment purposes only and we accept no responsibility for losses incurred as a result of it's use. Oh and while you're reading this, please note that this site is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Australian Football League in any way.