Rebecca Twigley - A Brownlow Medal fashion icon!

Rebecca Twigley

We get a lot of requests for photos of Rebecca Twigley, from the famous night at the Brownlow in 2004, so we thought in response we'd create a page dedicated to one of the most famous Brownlow Medal Fashion statements of all time.

Rebecca Twigley at the Spring Racing Carnival

Rebecca Twigley will be the Myer racing ambassador at the 2009 Spring Racing Carnival and will be helping to judge the fashions on the field. .

Rebecca Twigley's Brownlow Dress

In 2004 Chris Judd won the Brownlow medal, but his partner Rebecca Twigley almost stole the spotlight for the entire evening with her Brownlow dress. Photographers couldn't get enough of Rebecca's stunning Ruth Tarvydas designed gown. The daring bright red and jewel encrusted dress captivated fashion commentators and photos of Rebecca's dress received such coverage in the press that she became an instant celebrity.

So here is our pictorial tribute to Rebecca's red Brownlow dress, all the photos, from every angle!

Rebecca Judd Red Brownlow Dress
Rebecca Twigley Brownlow red dress
Rebecca Twigley's brownlow dress
Rebecca Twigley's dress from behind
Rebecca Twigley's Plunging red dress at the Brownlow

Brownlow red dress Rebecca Twigley

This full length shot of Rebecca's red dress shows how it had both a plunging neckline and a high front split.

Rebecca Twigley revealing dress
Rebecca's plunging neckline Brownlow dress

Rebecca Twigley and Chirs Judd

Rebecca Twigley and Chris Judd heading in to the 2004 Brownlow event.

Chris Judd and Rebecca Twigley
Rebecca Twigley

Rebecca Twigley Trying on the Brownlow dress again

Rebecca modeled the dress again several years later for a news article about Brownlow fashions.

Rebecca Twigley Pictures

Since moving to Melbourne Rebecca has joined the "A List" of the Melbourne social scene. Being invited to her fair share of opening nights and high-profile events means there are plenty of Rebecca Twigley pictures all over the fashion pages of Melbourne newspapers and magazines. Here's just a selection of photos showing some of Rebecca's fashions.

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